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Pyramid Fab & Finish manufactures many types of sheet metal and powder coating solutions across a range of industries and applications. Depending on the needs of your particular industry, we offer top-tier services with a commitment to bringing quality and value to our customers. We serve a range of industries, some of which are highlighted below.

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Power Supply

Pyramid Fab & Finish fabricates outdoor and indoor enclosures for many applications in the energy and battery storage industries, based on their specific needs. As a growing number of businesses and consumers rely on renewable energy sources, and certain industries require backup battery power, our customers require sufficient storage for these power supplies. To meet these needs, we fabricate a variety of battery housings, enclosures, and boxes.

One of our customers turned to Pyramid Fab & Finish when they needed a reputable contractor to help produce and assemble their electronic enclosures. With more than 40 years of experience backing our services, our team of experts thoroughly explored the project’s individual needs and original designs. In turn, we offered superior engineering solutions and delivered a product that met our customers’ specifications at a lower per-unit cost.

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Industrial Lighting

Pyramid Fab & Finish has fabricated a variety of industrial and commercial lighting components, fixtures, and housings for many years. Some of the products we’ve fabricated include lighting fixtures for outdoor and indoor sports applications, which help enhance the game experience through optimized visibility for players interacting with fast-moving objects as well as spectators observing the game. Most notably, we helped manufacture lighting fixtures for use in the Olympic games.


The various lighting components we have fabricated for small gyms and arenas provide our customers with cost-effective, flexible, and energy-efficient solutions. Regardless of the kind of light fixtures you produce, you’ll require high-quality and precision-fabricated parts and housings, which we offer. We can produce brackets, housings, and other components based on your unique specifications.

Our metal parts feature a level of quality that continually exceeds industry standards, while our reliable turnkey fabrication services continue to exceed our customers’ expectations. To keep our customers consistently satisfied, our shop handles orders of nearly any size, with quick turnaround times and fast shipping.

Our team can convert a blueprint into a high-quality fabricated part with a powder-coated finish. As a result, we have become a preferred supplier to customers in many industries.

Industrial Lighting

One of our many industrial lighting projects entailed fabricating a custom adjustable fixture for an LED lamp, which you can read more about here.

Printing Industry

Printing Industry


Pyramid Fab & Finish has the necessary resources to provide comprehensive fabrication services for applications in the printing industry.

For instance, we developed a large electronics cabinet to contain a high-speed digital printer. These electronic cabinets protect sensitive electronics over long periods of service. To help meet the needs of this particular application, we used press brakes capable of bending sheet metal materials up to 12′ in length, along with large turret presses that could handle metal sheets up to 60″ x 120″. You can read more about this particular project here.

We also can supply customers with barcode printer label catchers. This illustrates our ability to develop multiple complex rounded and angular bends based on our customers’ specific product requirements. We performed punching, bending, and spot welding operations to construct barcode printer label catcher components from a 0.050″-thick aluminum sheet. Additionally, we deburred the components and applied a grained finish to them. The resulting components featured dimensions measuring 9.0″ x 7.0″.

A combination of the appropriate equipment, tooling, and skilled staff enabled us to fabricate these parts with top-level quality based on our customer’s requirements. We continue to produce them in lots of 100 to 5,000 units for delivery within four weeks. Read more about this project here.

Medical Equipment

The medical field requires the utmost precision and accuracy, which is why we adhere to the most stringent industry standards and specifications to give our clients in this industry the best available equipment.

Sheet metal remains the most suitable long-term material for use in metal enclosures and medical parts. Pyramid Fab & Finish manufactures and customizes equipment with some of the tightest tolerances, achieving those of +/-.005’’. These parts are ideal because of the short- and long-term advantages they offer.

Since our establishment in 1972, we’ve developed a client base across a wide range of industries, with a deep understanding of what each requires. In th

e medical industry, we’ve manufactured products such as this control housing, among many others.

Quality Sheet Metal Fabrication Services at Pyramid Fab & Finish

If you require sheet metal and powder coating services for your products, we offer some of the most reliable services available. We’ll work to understand your individual project needs and meet them with unparalleled accuracy, precision, efficiency, and quality.

To learn more about our capabilities and get started on your next project with us, contact us today.

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