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Services Overview

Since 1972, Pyramid Fab and Finish has developed a reputation as a trusted sheet metal fabrication services company that emphasizes both quality and value. Rather than distributing products, we instead produce and powder-coat your components to your specifications. Our diverse client base covers a myriad of industries, from power supply and industrial lighting to printing and medical equipment, and we have the versatile capabilities and machinery to handle a wide range of sheet metal components.

As a family-owned and -operated business, we understand the importance of relationships and excellent customer service. That means producing a quality product for our worldwide clients on every job, no matter how large or small. Our team will work closely with you to understand your project’s unique needs, meeting your requirements with superior precision and process efficiency. Learn more about our full-service offerings at Pyramid Fab and Finish, and how our capabilities can support your business.

Our Services

From large cabinets and enclosures to small brackets and fixtures, our company manufactures a large variety of sheet metal-fabricated and coated products. Originally, Pyramid Fab and Finish began as a precision sheet metal fab services company. However, in 1988, in order to better serve our customers, we expanded our operations to include powder coating. Since that process expansion, we are now able to provide additional services and meet a higher standard of quality and cost competitiveness for our clients.

From our facility in St. Charles, Illinois, we provide two critical in-house services to keep powder coating costs low: custom masking fixtures to meet complex requirements and designing and fabricating custom racking systems to optimize line density.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet metal fabrication consists of a variety of versatile automated, semi-automated, or manual processes that form and shape raw metal sheets into an intended profile for industrial and commercial goods. Reputable custom sheet metal fabricators will carefully analyze a customer’s specifications and develop a sequence of procedures to achieve the desired result in a timely and cost-efficient manner. For more comprehensive capabilities, our company offers value-added services like engineering consultations with a focus on cost reductions.

In our shop, we aim to provide a single-source solution for our clients. We achieve this by maintaining a highly sophisticated facility with the latest fabrication and computer numerical control (CNC) technology. Specifically, our 33-ton turret press works on materials in dimensions as large as 60 inches x 120 inches. Additionally, we have a 130-ton press brake that can form metal in lengths of up to 12 feet. With CNC, repeatable tolerances within ±0.005 inches are achievable on metals like aluminum and steel.

We work with sheet metal exclusively, utilizing materials that are compatible with sheet metal fabrication to best suit your application. Specifically, we work with stainless, cold-rolled, and galvanized steel; brass; copper; and aluminum. Each of these options offers high performance in industrial applications.

There are numerous ways to fabricate sheet metal, and many of these procedures are derived from simpler methods. Our shop specializes in the following main fabrication types:

  • Bending and forming. These processes utilize presses to give sheet metal a specific shape without removing any material. Forming is a catch-all term for shaping a metal workpiece, while bending specifically involves adding curves to straight sheet metal.
  • Punching. This process uses a die to punch holes or unique shapes into metal sheets. CNC punching operations are particularly useful for full production runs.
  • Deburring. After punching, this finishing treatment cleans and smooths all the edges of a metal component. Deburring can also hide surface imperfections in a metal workpiece.
  • Rolling. This procedure passes metal sheeting through cylindrical rollers until you obtain either the required diameter or perfect curves or rings.
  • Welding. When an application necessitates joining metal components, our shop is capable of multiple welding techniques with automated, semi-automated, and manual options.
  • Hardware insertion. This typically involves forming studs, nuts, stand offs, or other hardware and installing it into sheet metal.

Metal-Fabricated Products

The team at Pyramid Fab and Finish is experienced in a broad spectrum of product offerings. Some examples of our work include:

  • Assembled brick ovens
  • Barcode printer parts
  • Circuit breaker panels
  • Electronics cabinetry and enclosures
  • Lighting brackets and fixtures
  • Medical control boxes
  • National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA)-rated enclosures and cabinet control boxes
  • Oven ducting

After the fabrication process is complete, many clients need us to powder coat their sheet metal components, and we carry out these services in-house.

Powder Coating

Powder coating is a highly advanced and widely used dry finishing technique that utilizes fluidized powders to create a durable surface layer overtop of a metal part. It also enables us to give a component a texturized or colored surface for finishing a fabricated metal end product that is tailored to your application’s requirements.

These powder materials come from heated, mixed, and cooled polymer resins, flow modifiers, leveling agents, pigments, and other additives that have been ground to produce a powder. We apply these free-flowing powders to the surface electrostatically and then heat them to their melting point. This thermal process hardens the powder to form a durable, even coating on a part that provides a protective yet decorative layer to a finished metal component.

Our shop offers in-house conveyorized powder coating services utilizing a wide range of advanced coating materials including TGIC, urethane, and high-quality epoxy, polyester, or hybrid epoxy/polyester powder coatings. These materials enhance a metal workpiece’s resilience, allowing parts like brackets, frames, enclosures, and metal boxes to withstand harsh operating and environmental conditions. Powder coating finishes can create a desired aesthetic, be it glossy, flat, or textured, while also allowing the metal pieces to endure impacts, high temperatures, and ultraviolet radiation effectively.

Our state-of-the-art facility at Pyramid Fab and Finish allows us to implement a fully automated line that can handle both small and large components. We utilize a five-step process in our powder coating procedure:

Step 1: Pretreatment. The pretreatment phase consists of reverse osmosis, multi-metal acidic cleaning, and other processes to prepare a component for powder coating.

Step 2: Drying and heating. During this stage, we send the cleaned components through a dry-off oven to enhance the powder’s adhesion capabilities.

Step 3: Powder coating application. The parts first enter a paint booth where robotic spray guns apply the powder coating. After its application, the parts go through a custom-designed Faraday cage to provide full coverage to all part surfaces.

Step 4: Curing. The coated components move into a dedicated curing oven that is set to an ideal temperature specific to the particular coating material.

Step 5: Inspection and testing. At Pyramid Fab and Finish, our testing services include chemical rub, scratch adhesion, gloss meter, and impact resistance.

Clients choose to powder coat for several reasons, the most common of which is enhanced durability. Compared to paints, powder coatings offer a higher degree of protection against wear, fading, abrasion, and chipping. They also dry and harden more rapidly, which equates to time and space savings while still achieving an optimal cure. Additionally, some prefer powder coatings for their eco-friendliness. These coatings contain no solvents or dangerous chemicals that would otherwise release into the atmosphere during use.

Pyramid Fab and Finish Is Your One-Stop Shop

Pyramid Fab and Finish aims to be your single-source provider of metal fabrication and powder coating services. Our goal is to provide high-quality fabrication every time. With our additional powder coating capabilities, we can simplify your supply chain and cut costs for your production run. Instead of communicating with multiple vendors, we can be your one-stop shop for all your metal fabrication and powder coating needs.

We invite you to review our custom fabrication project gallery for examples of our featured projects and expertise. Having been in business for over 50 years, we like to think that our track record speaks for itself, but our expert team is always here to help should you have questions. For more information on our capabilities for precision manufacturing, contact us today.

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