Sheet Metal Fabrication

In its various forms, sheet metal fabrication produces a wide range of commercial and industrial products. At Pyramid Fab and Finish, we recognize the versatility of sheet metal fabrication methods, and we draw on the approach to craft high-quality precision components for customers in a variety of industries.

We strive to provide true single-source solutions to our clients, and we deliver on this goal thanks to a fully stocked, highly advanced production facility. Our 33-ton turret press can accommodate materials up to 60 inches wide and 120 inches long. In addition, our 130-ton press brake can form materials up to 12 feet in length. Both machines leverage precise computer numerical control (CNC) technology to achieve repeatable tolerances within ±0.005 inches on steel and aluminum.

In addition to CNC turrets, brake presses, hardware insertion and welding, our site also features a state-of-the-art, conveyorized powder coating line and assembly services. As a result, our products ship complete with no outsourcing required. No matter how specific your sheet metal fabrication needs, Pyramid Fab and Finish has the tools and skills to fulfill them in-house and on-time.

What is Sheet Metal Fabrication?

Sheet metal fabrication refers to the general process of forming raw, flattened metal into a desired shape. The term itself encompasses a broad range of processes, including both automated and manual methods. In custom sheet metal fabrication, the manufacturer carefully analyzes customer specifications and selects a sequence of operations that will optimally reach the desired result.

At Pyramid Fab and Finish, we work exclusively with sheet metal, so we are deeply familiar with the most effective techniques for any given scenario.

What Types of Sheet Metal Are Used?

At Pyramid Fab and Finish, we focus on galvanized steel, cold-rolled steel, aluminum, stainless, brass, and copper. These metals are all highly compatible with the sheet metal fabrication processes and are known to perform well across diverse industrial settings.

When you contact Pyramid Fab and Finish, our expert team will discuss these and other material options, as well as available powder coatings that may increase your chosen material’s performance.

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Sheet Metal Fabrication Processes

Countless sheet metal fabrication processes exist, many of which are derivatives of simpler techniques. We specialize in the following fabrication processes, which allow us to manufacture a wide variety of sheet metal projects:

  • Bending and forming. Bending and forming processes use presses to make a sheet into a specific shape.Bending specifically refers to curving straight sheet metal,while forming is a more general term for shaping metal without removing material.
  • Deburring. Deburring is a finishing technique used to clean the edges of the sheet metal after punching. The process removes burrs and can also be used to hide imperfections in the metal.
  • Punching. Punching involves pressing the sheet metal into a die to cut precise holes and shapes in the material. CNC punching is especially well-suited for production runs.
  • Rolling. Rolling is a process that feeds sheet metal through cylindrical rollers until a desired diameter is achieved. The exact result depends on the size of the rollers, as well as the direction of their spin. Rolling is sometimes used to create perfect rings or curves.
  • Welding. One of the most versatile sheet metal forming processes, welding, joins multiple pieces of metal using a focused application of heat and pressure which is called spot welding. Welding can be automated, semi-automated, or manual, and may involve varying sources of heat, pressure, and filler metal. Other common processes include stick welding, Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding, TIG welding, and plasma arc welding. The optimal choice depends on the type of metal, the required part strength, and the desired seam appearance.
  • Hardware Insertion. This is the process of using force to form a nut, stud, stand off or other types of custom items into a sheet metal part. The options of available items to install into sheet metal are extremely numerous and can achieve most necessary purposes.

Most sheet metal fabrication projects involve two or more of these forming processes and various finishing services.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Applications

Sheet metal fabrication is useful across industries and applications. It’s impossible to provide a definitive list of applications since sheet metal assemblies are nearly ubiquitous. At Pyramid Fab and Finish, our experts work with customers across industries, but work heavily in the electronics, lighting, and communication industries. We primarily manufacture custom metal enclosures, brackets, frames, and more for industrial assemblies. We welcome custom projects from any industry.

Our portfolio of past projects illustrates how sheet metal fabrication techniques work together to form products of all shapes and sizes. For example:

  • Beginning with a 0.050” thick aluminum sheet, we used CNC punching, bending, and forming techniques to craft a precision lighting bracket with ±0.005″ tolerances. A protective powder coating ensured that the component could withstand frequent, intense heat.
  • Working with several varieties of stainless and cold-rolled steel, we crafted an 86″ by 34″ by 40″ pizza oven with an attractive, corrosion-resistant coating. We drew on our expertise in bending, punching, and powder coating techniques for this project, as well as welding to join the components.

These completely dissimilar projects not only demonstrate the range of our expertise, but the immense versatility of sheet metal fabrication. Whether it’s a small bracket, a medium-sized pizza oven, or a large metal chassis, Pyramid Fab and Finish will work with you to develop an appropriate manufacturing plan that fits your budget and timeline.


Advantages of Working with Pyramid Fab & Finish

At Pyramid Fab and Finish, we offer comprehensive sheet metal fabrication services for a true one-stop-shop experience. Over our almost 50 years in operation, we’ve built a loyal customer base that trusts us to continually deliver high-quality and affordable metal components. We work tirelessly to ensure that our clients remain competitive through added services such as engineering consultations and cost-reduction support.

We specialize in custom sheet metal fabrication for workpieces small and large. A small sampling of our completed projects includes:

  • Barcode printer components
  • Brackets for the lighting industry
  • Assembled brick ovenFabrication-of-a-Custom-LED-Light-Fixture
  • Electronics cabinet
  • Hinged circuit breaker panel
  • Large electronic enclosure
  • LED light fixture
  • Medical control box
  • NEMA enclosure
  • NEMA rated cabinet control box
  • Oven duct

These and all of our products adhere to the most rigorous quality standards, including ISO procedures and NEMA standards, where requested.

As a proud family-owned business, we pride ourselves on establishing lasting partnerships with our clients. Our customer-centric focus has allowed us to maintain long-term relationships, with repeat clients trusting in our rigorous quality assurance protocols and responsive customer service.

To learn more about what sets Pyramid Fab and Finish apart from other manufacturing partners, contact us or request a quote today.

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Sheet Metal Fabrication Capabilities

Fabrication Process



Turret Press Capacity

Up to 33 tons

Brake Press Capacity

Up to 130 tons

Automation Capabilities

CNC Controls


Cold Rolled Steel


Raw Material Forms


Gauge Size / Thickness

Up to 7 ga (Steel)
Up to .250 in (Aluminum)

Turret Press Length

120 in

Turret Press Width

60 in

Brake Press Length

Up to 12 ft

Tolerance (+/-)

.005 in

Final Inspection

Mitutoyo Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), Virtek Laser QC 1200

Additional Services Provided

Engineering Assistance
Hardware Insertion

In-House Powder Coating

Production Volume

50 to 50,000 pieces
Small to Large Volume

Additional Information

Industry Focus


Intended Applications

Metal Boxes


Industry Standards

ISO Compliant