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Pyramid Fab and Finish has provided quality sheet metal fabrication and finishing services for almost 50 years. In support of these services, we offer in-house, conveyorized powder coating. Using advanced coating materials such as high-quality epoxy, polyester, epoxy/polyester hybrid, TGIC, and urethane powder coatings. The process produces a durable and robust finish that will stand up to some of the harshest environmental and operating conditions. Whether flat, glossy, or textured, our powder coated finishes impart durability, flexibility, and insulating properties to components while providing protection against heat, impact, and ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

What Is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is an advanced, dry finishing process. It uses free-flowing (fluidized) powders that are first applied to the surface electrostatically, heated to the melting point, and hardened into an even layer. The powders are available in many colors and formulations that can create various surface textures. This broad availability and versatility make the process ideal for creating protective and decorative finishes on a wide range of parts and products. As powder coating makes up a large percentage of the overall industrial finishing market, it is likely that many of the components you encounter on a day-to-day basis are powder coated.

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Our Powder Coating Process

Powder coating materials are made from polymer resin systems combined with curative, leveling agents, flow modifiers, pigments, and other additives, all of which help improve the functional and aesthetic quality of the finish. These ingredients are melted, mixed, cooled, and ground to form a powder. Once the powder is ready, it can be used in powder coating operations.

At Pyramid Fab and Finish, our state-of-the-art facility features a fully automated line that is capable of handling small to very large components. Our powder coating process follows these steps:

  1. Pretreatment. The parts to be powder coated undergo a five-stage pretreatment process that includes multi-metal acidic cleaning and reverse osmosis.
  2. Drying and heating. The clean and treated parts are sent through a dedicated dry-off oven to improve powder adhesion.
  3. Powder coating application. The dried parts pass through the first paint booth, where 24 robotic spray guns apply the coating material to their surfaces. Once the coating material is applied, the coated parts pass through a custom-designed Faraday cage booth to ensure complete coverage.
  4. Curing. The coated parts then enter a dedicated cure oven, which provides precise temperature control depending on the powder.
  5. Inspection. Once each lot completes the coating and curing stages, it undergoes careful inspection and testing. Tests include gloss meter, scratch adhesion, chemical rub, and impact resistance.

Advantages of Powder Coating

Spray paint product powder coating

There are many advantages to using powder coating over other finishing processes, such as:

  • Greater durability. Compared to liquid paints, powder coatings are more durable. They have greater resistance to chips, scratches, fading, and wear.
  • Better eco-friendliness. Powder coating materials do not contain solvents, meaning no dangerous chemicals are released into the atmosphere.
  • Shorter processing times. Compared to liquid paints, powder coatings dry/cure much faster, which saves time and space during processing operations.
  • Cleaner operations. Powders are much cleaner to apply than wet paints. Additionally, it is much easier and faster to clean powder spray booths than wet paint booths.

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Quality Powder Coating Services at Pyramid Fab and Finish

For all your powder coating needs, turn to the experts at Pyramid Fab and Finish! We offer powder coating capabilities for a variety of metal components, including metal boxes, enclosures, brackets, and frames. Whether you need flat, glossy, or textured finishes on aluminum, brass, copper, or steel parts, we’ve got you covered.

We also offer two critical in-house services to help reduce costs: the design and manufacture of custom racking systems for optimal line density and custom masking fixtures for complex masking requirements.

To learn more about our advanced powder coating capabilities, contact us today or refer to the table below.

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Powder Coating Capabilities



Epoxy / Polyester Hybrid





Cold Rolled Steel


Coating Characteristics

Impact Resistance
Outdoor Weatherability

UV Resistance
Heat Resistance

Pre-Coating Preparation

5 Stage Multi-Metal Acidic Cleaner
Reverse Osmosis Halo System

Application Process

24 Robotic Automatic Spray Guns
Faraday Cage Booth


Dry Off Oven
Bake Oven




Scratch Adhesion

Impact Resistance
Chemical Rub

Additional Services Provided

Engineering Assistance

Production Volume

500 to 50,000 pieces
Small to Large Volume

Additional Information

Industry Focus


Intended Applications

Metal Boxes


Industry Standards

ISO Compliant